Mzila Full Service School was named after iNkosi Mzila Nxumalo had passed away in late 19th Century. The school started as a result of the late iNkosi Mzila to welcome the Missionaries in his area. Missionaries started by building a church on a nearby hill which was locally called "Nomaphendu" literally meaning "The Changer". The gospel started to spread all over his land such that his people were enable to read the bible, write letters, etc. After some decayed of years seeing that there was a lot of eagerness from the community, then the school was built. The school started with mud-spattered and thatched few classrooms by the late first Principal. Mr. A.B. Ntuli in 1970 to 1975, but today the school is first break erected even though classes are still not enough but there is a room for a big success.

See the structure here.

The successor was the retired, Mr. J.J. Qwabe from 1976  until 2007. Currently the school is under the leadership of Mrs. C.J. Nxumalo who took over from 2007 till to date.  Therefore establishment of the school was through the interest from the Royal family of Nxumalo through education. Nxumalo Kings participated a lot in changing the lifestyle of Nxumalo community by allowing the light of education in the area. Below is the Royal Family Tree

The Founder : the late iNkosi Funjwa passed away in 1770  
Successor : the late iNkosi Mphambani
Successor : the late iNkosi, Ndongeni
Successor : the late iNkosi, Bhungane
Successor : the late iNkosi, Mnqiwane
Successor : the late iNkosi, Ngcamane
Successor : the late iNkosi, Mzila passed away in 1913
Successor : the late iNkosi, Magcekeni passed away in 1940
Successor : the late iNkosi, Bhukwana passed away in 1980
Successor : the late iNkosi, Justice passed away in 2011
Currently : Acting iNkosi, Eric Nxumalo