The school is having an effective S.G.B. which meets every three month under the following aims and objectives


- To further the interest, well-being and education of the leaner enrolled

- To foster cooperation and sound relationships among parents, educators, learners and non-teaching staff as well as between the immediate school community and residents of the school catchments.

- To perform such acts and functions as may be necessary to attain the above objectives, and to account to all parents, educators, learners and non-teaching staff for such acts and functions in a democratic and transparent way.

-    To ensure transparency in the running of the school affair

-    To offer assistance to the school in any way possible in the case of accident, natural disaster or drought.

-    To foster communication with other stake holders and the Department of Education


School governing Body consists of the following members:


1.     Nxumalo C.J. (Principal)

2.     Ntuli M.M (Chairperson)

3.     Ndimande C.F (Vice Chairperson)

4.     Gumede J.B (Secretary)

5.     Manukuza N.D (Tressury)

6.     Myeza B.T (Educator)

7.     Boyana B.V (Educator)